The Most Thoughtful, Unthought-of Wedding Gift

This is how it goes:
Step 1. Your friend gets engaged.
Step 2. You are so happy and excited to celebrate the big day with the couple!
Step 3. You realize you have to think of a wedding gift for them.

Not just any wedding gift, either. You don’t want to be that person that gets them the fourth set of glassware or another picture frame. Sure, you can give a monetary gift—because everyone likes cash—or a gift card, but do you really want to give such a generic, unattached gift when you could give them a gift that will help them remember their special day for the rest of their lives?

Instead, why not help the couple pay for their wedding video? Or organize a group (HINT: BRIDESMAIDS) to make the full payment together?

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Your gift would be helping the bride and groom obtain an everlasting collection of memories from their big day. This gift would be one that the couple looks back on throughout their marriage—instead of one that ends up being returned, traded, or spent on a late-night fast food run.

For other wedding gift ideas, visit our Pinterest board of other thoughtful presents for the bride and groom.